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Q: What is an Interactive Notebook?

  • An Interactive Notebook (INB) is an archive of information (notes, assignments, reflections, summaries, etc.) created by the student as a personal learning reference.  

Q: What's the point?

  • "The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it." -Benjamin Disraeli

Q: Is my INB going to be graded?

  • Yes! The INB will be graded weekly by Mrs. Plant. Specific assignments and content within the INB will be graded separately. Students should focus on maintaining their INB with consistent effort, organization and thoughtful reflection. 

INB- Table of Contents.pdf INB- Table of Contents.pdf
Size : 180.388 Kb
Type : pdf
INB- Guide to Input & Output.pdf INB- Guide to Input & Output.pdf
Size : 255.22 Kb
Type : pdf
INB- Star Notes.pdf INB- Star Notes.pdf
Size : 202.618 Kb
Type : pdf
INB- Costa's Questions.pdf INB- Costa's Questions.pdf
Size : 197.916 Kb
Type : pdf

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