About Mrs. Plant

About Mrs. Plant

  • She graduated from Northern Illinois University in May 2008.
  • She currently resides in Moline with her husband, three kids and four pets.
  • She loves spending time outside, especially hiking in the mountains.
  • She has a younger brother (Clay) who is almost exactly 10 years younger.
  • She loves Pixar movies (Up is one of her favorites). 
  • Her ideal vacation includes hiking, a food tour, a concert and a comedian. 
  • She is crafty; in her free time she loves to doodle and crochet.
  • Her favorite children's book author is Mo Willems. 
  • She aspires to live a simple, waste-free, minimalist life style.
  • She volunteered at a boarding school in Kenya, Africa which influenced her to change her major from nutrition to education.

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