Grading Policy



If you are absent, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be PROACTIVE and retrieve what you missed! 

Check the "While You Were Out" tab. 

Extra Help?

If you are struggling with an assignment or just looking for some extra help, schedule a time with Mrs. Plant to come in before or after school.  :)


All assignments and lessons are aligned with Common Core State Standards.

To learn more about the Illinois CCSS, click HERE.


Points for an assignment are determined according to the amount of work needed to complete that particular assignment. Grades are determined based on the following:

Class Work: 4 points per day (20 points weekly)

Interactive Notebook: 4 points per day (20 points weekly)

Station Activities: 20 points

Essays: 40 points

Projects: 40 points

All student work is graded using a point system. Points for assignments are determined by rubrics. 

90-100% = A

80-89% = B

70-79% = C

60-69% = D

00-59% = F

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