Class Materials

Edgar Allan Poe

The Tell-Tale Heart graphic novel, click HERE

Pennant Project

Pennant Project Rubric

Personalized Pennant Rubric.pdf Personalized Pennant Rubric.pdf
Size : 505.103 Kb
Type : pdf

Essay Writing

Do you have the WRITE survival skills: Writing Survivor- Click HERE

5 Paragraph Essay- Click HERE

Essay Outline- Click HERE

Essay Sample- Click HERE

Literary Vocab

Figurative Language- Click HERE

Story Elements- Click HERE 

Literary Vocabulary & Story Elements.pdf Literary Vocabulary & Story Elements.pdf
Size : 1154.25 Kb
Type : pdf


Annotating.pdf Annotating.pdf
Size : 2065.34 Kb
Type : pdf
Dialectical Annotation Journal.pdf Dialectical Annotation Journal.pdf
Size : 232.501 Kb
Type : pdf
Lucy Dialectical Journal Sample.pdf Lucy Dialectical Journal Sample.pdf
Size : 526.222 Kb
Type : pdf

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