Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts & English Honors 1!

Dear Student,


I'm so thrilled to meet and work with you! Middle School is an exciting time full of trials and successes! It is my goal to help you grow as a learner so you feel confident leaving 8th grade as you enter into high school. 


As your language arts teacher, I pledge to be there to support and encourage you, as well as help you grow into a critical thinker, reader and writer. May you approach every challenge with a positive attitude, may you rise to every occasion, and may you grow into the talented, unique individual you were made to be!


Mrs. Plant  :-)

Language Arts Course Syllabus (Per. 3, 5 & 7)

8th Grade Syllabus.pdf 8th Grade Syllabus.pdf
Size : 327.813 Kb
Type : pdf

English Honors 1 Course Syllabus (Per. 1 & 6)

8th Grade Syllabus- English Honors.pdf 8th Grade Syllabus- English Honors.pdf
Size : 353.399 Kb
Type : pdf

Website Webquest 

Website Webquest.pdf Website Webquest.pdf
Size : 517.34 Kb
Type : pdf
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